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January Newsflash 2021

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“Without rain there would be no rainbows”

We opened our doors for business this morning on the first working day of 2021 in the pouring rain! In many cultures, rain represents good luck – a cleansing of sorts, and new beginnings. With this in mind, we wish our clients the very best for 2021 and hope that this year brings renewed strength, health, and prosperity to you all, both personally and in business. We will continue to strive to provide service excellence and great products, as we work with you on projects going forward into the year.

Nothing can dampen the spirits when there’s a crackling fire to create warmth and atmosphere. The Rio Bowl (above) in limestone, has been cleverly converted into a Fire Pit, with Leith Troughs creating a sleek border to the decked area.


WilsonStone’s Bollards come in every shape and size, in both steel and concrete. Bollards are a very necessary component in most urban environments, and we have something to suit every design and urban space. Check out our comprehensive range at

Custom bike racks also form an integral element to urban design, essential for schools, universities, and shopping malls. WilsonStone regularly manufactures custom bike racks, such as our stainless-steel bike rack, and our colorful circular bike racks, designed by Daniel Rebel Landscape Architects, for the Mall of Africa.

Two great bollards (standard to our range) which double as bike racks, are the Vatican Bollard and the Quayside Bollard. These beautiful bollards were created specifically to satisfy both requirements, with their sleek, sophisticated designs enhancing any sidewalk.