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March Newsflash 2021

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”


WilsonStone’s fiber cement wall coping is the perfect coping for a quick fix solution. Lightweight and easy to install, this fabulous wall coping comes in 3m lengths, and is often overlooked as a great way to enhance a façade, finish off a pond surround or garden wall. Matching pillar caps are available, and the coping is designed for both single and double brick course walls, in three different profiles.


WilsonStone’s timeless Clarens pavers in Terracotta create a beautiful, Mediterranean feel to this pretty veranda. Note the colour contrast with WilsonStone’s charcoal Hatfield pot, which overflows with pretty greenery.


Cut Stone paving is widely versatile, used for large commercial projects and home use. Its non-slip texture is perfect for pathways and pools. This beautiful paving solution comes in ten different colour options, and with flecks of aggregate visible through the paver, it creates a contemporary feel to the product.