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Window Surrounds

WilsonStone’s window surrounds add that elegant touch to any building, eliminating the need for messy time consuming moulded plasterwork.

Window surrounds are manufactured out of GRC and can be tailored or designed for instalment on the building once all the building work has been completed. This factor reduces the potential for damage on site and delays on the building work. WilsonStone’s window surrounds can be customised with virtually any profile and because they are produced out of a mould the amount of variation from window to window is virtually eliminated allowing the widow framers or fitters to work off a drawing as opposed to measuring on site.

WIlsonStone’s GRC Window surrounds in reconstituted sandstone and smooth or washed grey cement are available in a number of standard sizes or can be custom ordered.

Standard Window Surround

Sizes Available to Fit a Window (mm):
 1500 x 1200
 1200 x 1200
 1200 x 900
 900 x 900
 900 x 600