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Fibre Cement Caps and Bases

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WilsonStone’s Fibre Reinforced Cement Caps and Bases are designed to fit most columns manufactured in South Africa and are unique for the following reasons:

  1. They are very light, between 3-5kgs. depending on the size.
  2. They can be nested for transport purposes.
  3. They do not affect the overall column height – the column fits through them.
  4. They will not corrode in harsh environments.
  5. They are paintable.
  6. They form a permanent shuttering for concrete.
  7. They are 100% asbestos free.
  8. They are constructed using recycled materials.
  9. There are no seams or joint lines.

WilsonStone’s Fibre Cement Column Caps and Bases are not precast concrete and are therefore lighter and stronger. Handling is therefore far more manageable as the caps and bases can be lifted and carried with one hand.

The lightweight structure and nesting ability means they can be transported cost effectively to all parts of the country. Fibre Cement Caps and Bases are also more resistant to chipping and cracking as they are not made from precast concrete

Column Size Internal Dia for Cap/Base WCB1 < 500km WCB2 < 1000km WCB3  < 1500km