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Outdoor Living

On the home front, Wilsonstone have the products to enhance your outdoor living experience -be it a garden pot to place in that unused or uninteresting corner or a nice bench to make that particular area usable and place where one can sit and enjoy the rest of your garden. Wilsonstone’s Braais Surrounds create a space where one can enjoy a family meal in an outdoor environment and they are constructed to enable fast and easy installation with minimal mess and disruption. Wilsonstone has also adopted this approach to our water features, where a dull court yard can be converted to a tranquil space where you would want to spend some quite time; installation for our water features is again a quick and easy exercise.

Wilsonstones patio chairs and tables are manufactured locally and are built to last. The tables are sufficiently durable to withstand the South African climate and are sealed to the highest proven standards, yet are elegant enough to add value to any outdoor entertainment area.

For our public spaces or business parks, our rest sets make a public space more accommodating and welcoming and they are durable enough to withstand the South African environment and harsh climate. The Wilsonstone planter range enables on to create a garden space at various levels (depending on the number of rings you use) for all types of trees, plants and or shrubs.

These planters are particularly useful for lining road ways thereby making them safer for pedestrians occupying the adjacent space provided.

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