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Clarens Stone Tiles and Pavers

The Clarens Stone Tiles and Pavers have been updated with a new mix design.

The new design allows for improved durability and strength, whilst retaining the smooth etched finish to provide an attractive non-slip finish. Clarens paving stone is now not only an attractive tile it is also an excellent paving choice for high volume traffic.

Clarens Stone pavers and tiles are recommended specifically for outdoor paving, and are some of the strongest tiles available on the market. Sleek, sophisticated and elegant, they’re the ideal addition to a private outdoor entertainment area, patio or braai area. Available in a range of colours, you’ll find the right hue to match any existing decor or colour scheme.

Clarens paving solutions are manufactured using 500t presses, which enable the tiles immense strength – and therefore allow the tiles to be cleaned using high-pressure washers. No other pavers can be cleaned this way, as they will disintegrate. One can therefore clean the pavers without the need for detergents or acid cleaners making the Clarens paving stone environmentally friendly choice.


Now also available in 20mm for the 490mm X 490mm or smaller sizes
Width Height
290mm 590mm
590mm 590mm
590mm 390mm
290mm 290mm
240mm 240mm
240mm 490mm
490mm 490mm
Precise surface & texture colour should be judged from the actual materials rather than photographic representations.

Golden Yellow


Rust Red


Cool Grey