News Flash – July 2022

Wilson Stone’s products are widely specified and preferred for university and school builds and refurbs countrywide. Our products are perfect for hardy, robust use. From paving, to benches and tables, drinking fountains, bollards, bike racks and bins, Wilson Stone has the solution for every requirement of campus life. Pictured above, these branded Turin Rest Sets are ideal for hardy, outdoor seating on any campus.

Campus Life: Universities & Schools

Wilson Stone’s Drum Bollards create a welcoming circle outside the UNISA building. Our Pencil Bollards painted in bold primary colours will add colour and cheer to any playground or walkway at primary and pre-primary schools.

Drinking Fountains – A Necessity on any Campus

Wilson Stone offers a lovely range of drinking fountains. Whether situated at sports facilities or in campus recreational areas and walkways, drinking fountains are essential for campus life. The Clifton Drinking Fountain (above left) is a sleek design of polished and smooth concrete; the Roberto Drinking Fountain (centre) is a custom design, and the Drinking Fountain (above right) has been a Wilson Stone staple for many years.

Bicycles and bike racks are synonymous with student life! Wilson Stone offers a sleek Stainless Steel bike rack, as well as custom designs such as the round bike rack by Daniel Rebel Landscape Architects (pictured above). We also offer two steel bollards in our standard range that double as a bike rack: the Vatican and Quayside Bollards (below left).

Talk to Us About your Custom Designs & Branding Requirements

Please discuss your design needs with us. With our on-site pattern shop, we are able to produce unique, custom products at very affordable prices. Branding is our specialty and we easily recreate & cast logos into our products. Ranges ideally suited to custom branding are bins, benches, tables, pots & planters.

WilsonStone’s products are widely specified and preferred for universities and school builds/refurbishments – countrywide.