Wilsonstone Terms and Conditions
  1. Payment Terms: 50% with order; balance due before delivery. Goods are available for inspection if requested. If credit facilities have been authorised, payment at net invoice value is due at 30 days from date of invoice.
  2. If deposit requested, delivery will be dated from receipt of funds due.
  3. All deliveries times are estimates; WilsonStone cc will not be liable for late deliveries. The buyer confirms that this is not the essence.
  4. WilsonStone cc gives no warranties or guarantees in respect of the goods. No warranty of suitability for any method or usage or application is expressed or implied.
  5. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall WilsonStone cc be liable for consequential damages sustained by the client or any other person whether due to delay, negligence use or mis-care of the product, supplied or installed.
  6. Moulds & patterns created by WilsonStone cc to make the goods shall remain the property of the seller.
  7. All intellectual property rights in the mould and or patterns and goods shall vest in WilsonStone cc absolutely.
  8. All methods of fixing, machining and care of the product are provided by the seller in an advisory basis only. No guarantees are given on application thereof
  9. All goods shipped from WilsonStone cc will remain the property of WilsonStone until full payment has been received from the customer concerned.
  10. Whilst WilsonStone cc endeavors to meet customer expectations, colour of products and colour consistency within products supplied by WilsonStone cc cannot be guaranteed due to the natural colour and aggregate size variation of the sand used to produce the relevant products. Samples if provided can therefore only be used as indicators of texture.
  11. The quotation is valid for 30 days only.
  12. Please note as our designs are evolutionary all dimensions, specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.