News Flash – June 2021

Clarens Coping in Cool Grey

Pool coping and pavers

This impressive stairway at Steyn City is paved with Clarens Cream Paving, and the step treads, rectangular garden beds and parapet walls are finished with Clarens Coping tiles. WilsonStone’s balustrading completes the villa-style architecture and works beautifully with the subtlety of the Clarens range.

Pool coping and pavers

Clarens Paving and Coping comes in eight different colour options:

Terracotta; Rusty Red; Original; Golden Yellow; Cream; Cool Grey; Brown; Black


We recently delivered our Windsor Firepit to a very happy customer, who
sent us this beautiful pic of the installation to say thank you, as he is
absolutely delighted with his new outdoor entertainment area, complete with firepit.

Tree plantersWindsor Fire Pit H: 500 W: 280 Dia: 1200mm

Winter is for the birds!

Attract a variety of beautiful garden birds with lots of seed and fresh water.
WilsonStone has two beautiful bird baths available, perfect for keeping our
little feathered friends happy this winter and always!

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