News Flash – March 2022

Perfect Cut Stone Floor Slabs!

The WilsonStone Grey 3 Cut Stone floor slabs work perfectly with the edgy, modern design of this contemporary Johannesburg home. Our Cut Stone Greys are numbered to differentiate between the size of aggregate used in the mix – grey 2 being the smallest stones, to grey 4 being the largest of the pieces used.

Grey 3 Cut Stone Straight Edge Coping completes this funky outdoor seating area.

The Windsor fire pit looks stunning in this creative outdoor boma setting.

A Special Aberdeen Pot for Every Home Setting

The Aberdeen 750 in Charcoal and the Aberdeen 400 in Limestone work both inside and outside as elegant containers in this striking home. The Highlands Range consists of 6 versatile shapes and sizes from left to right in the below image. The Aberdeen 400, The Sterling, The St. Andrews, The Aberdeen 600, The Aberdeen 750 and The Aberdeen 1100.

GRAND DESIGNS FROM THE MONTH OF MARCH! Perfect Cut Stone floor slabs and modern, contemporary designs!